Genocide of Palestinians, Ushna Shah shared an instructive video


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Ushna Shah, a well-known actress in the Pakistan showbiz industry, is seen constantly raising her voice against the ongoing Israeli aggression on innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

Recently, Ushna Shah shared an educational video on the social media website X on the Palestine-Israel conflict. This video shows how the Zionists, under the auspices of some of the world’s major powers, attacked and then occupied Palestinian land.

In the video, the actress can be seen playing the roles of Palestine, Israel, America, Britain, and some other countries along with some of her friends. In the video, he criticized the Western media’s biased reporting of years of Israeli atrocities in Palestine, explaining how the Western media portrays the Palestinians’ defense of their land as attacks by extremist militants. And declares the aggression of Israeli settlers on Palestinian land as a right of self-defense.

In her video, Ushna Shah also exposed the fact that the Western media is spreading lies by showing fake images created by AI technology so that they can continue to receive funds for their propaganda.

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