Hamza Ali Abbasi Raises Voice For Minor Domestic Worker Rizwana


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A 14-year-old minor girl was reportedly exposed to horrific physical torture by the wife of a civil judge in Islamabad. Rizwana has been taken to the hospital. The case was filed at a local police station by the minor girl’s parents. Rizawana, the maid, worked in the civil judge’s residence. The circumstances of the case were also broadcast on all of the major news networks.

Pakistani actor Nadia Jamil continuously insists that Pakistani actors raise their voices against minor domestic worker Rizwana. Finally, she got a powerful message from Hamza Ali Abbasi for Rizwana. Recently she shared hamza ali abbasi’s powerful message on social media. She has been working for four years for the children of Pakistan since she was 17 years old. She is 50 years old today. she has buried kids as small as 6 months, and she has held babies whose mothers tried 2 cut their heads off & bury them,& they survived. She has seen kids brought in off the streets shaking ice & heroin addiction. She has seen thousands of kids broken-limbed, wounded, and raped because they were tiny laborers in homes.

Watch the Complete message of Hamza Ali Abbasi:

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