Hania Aamir’s February 14 announcement video goes viral


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Hania Aamir regarding Valentine’s Day went viral, on which people made interesting comments

The actress shared a short video in her Instagram story saying that if any of her friends share a photo of flowers on February 14, the International Day of Love, then she will unfollow the said friends.

The actress did not explain why she would unfollow her friends who shared a picture of flowers but said that she would not friend such friends on social media.

The above video of the actress went viral and people made interesting comments on it that the actress has no interest in what is happening in the country.

Social media users commented on the video of the actress that the entire Pakistan is worried about February 8 and they are already waiting for February 14.

Some users also criticized her and wrote that now the actress is getting poisoned, and the actress interferes in everything.

Some people commented that now they will share pictures of flowers in any situation while others wrote that they don’t follow the actress at all.

Some users criticized the video of the actress and wrote that she is thinking of herself as the most beautiful and beautiful girl while sharing the said video.

Some users suggested to her that it would have been better if the actress had expressed her views on the elections instead of talking nonsense.

Here is the link to the video:

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