HD Pictures of Maaz Safder’s Family From Son Basil’s Birthday


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Maaz Safder is a capable and youthful Pakistani social media celebrity. Maaz started his social media experience as a Tiktoker when he was a teenager. Maaz Safder is now a well-known YouTuber. Fans appreciate his everyday vlogging with his family. Maaz Safder’s YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers. Maaz Safder has also launched other enterprises, including a fragrance brand and a tourism destination. The YouTuber is blissfully married to Saba Maaz, with whom he has a cute baby. Maaz and Saba are newlyweds.

On November 4th, the couple celebrated the first birthday of their son Basil Maaz, who has just turned one. Saba and Maaz published their lovely son’s birthday photos and videos, which quickly went popular on social media. Saba and Maaz have now published their lovely HD birthday photos. The family was dressed in matching black clothing. Here are some of the shots from his birthday photoshoot:

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