Here Is Why Ali Gul Mallah Broke Into Tears


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Ali Gul Mallah is the breakout star of Ishq Murshid. Bilal Abbas Khan is the drama’s starring guy, although he is already well-known, while Durefishan has gained recognition for her previous work. Ali Gul Mallah surprised everyone, and his character became a full-fledged fixture when the crowd liked him from the first scene.

Ali Gul Mallah

Ali Gul Mallah is well-known in the Sindhi business, having worked in the media and as a comedian for the past 27 years. Ali Gul Mallah spoke with Ghazal Siddique on her show about his problems and wishes. He disclosed that he is grateful to Allah for all of his accomplishments and wishes to go to Umrah with his family right now. He also discussed how watching people who were formerly wealthy end up on the streets makes him sad since he has emotional empathy for them.

Here is what he shared:

He also burst into tears since he couldn’t hold back his feelings when discussing his village and extended relatives. He stated that if he ever made a lot of money, he would like to help his family, who had been in the worst financial situation ever. He also wants to build a town where everyone has the same fundamental rights.

This is what he said:

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