Hiba Ali Khan On People Having Affairs Before Second Marriage


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Hiba Ali Khan is an actress who has recently received a lot of praise for her performance in Mayi Ri. She began acting at an early age, but then took a four-year hiatus. Following her blockbuster Mayi Ri, she has returned with a bang, appearing in dramas such as Rah e Junoon and Jaan Nisar.

Hiba was a guest on The Fahad Ansari Show, where she discussed her job, life, and ideas in an entertaining way. She also discussed those who marry multiple times and how these marriages occur. The host used the example of persons who have been married three times, and she wondered if those people had affairs before marrying for the second or third time.

Hiba stated that these people engage in extramarital affairs before beginning to look for flaws in their first marriages in order to marry again. She stated that she does not condone many marriages and will never do it since she cannot do injustice to another lady.

Here is what she said:

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