Horrific Incident at Srha Asghar’s Home – Details


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The talented Pakistani television actor Srha Asghar. She has many years of experience in the field. Srha Asghar and her spouse recently went through a terrible incident at their home. Actress Srha Asghar allegedly experienced harassment from a stranger. The disturbing and heartbreaking incident had a stranger harassing the Pyar Ke Sadqe actor. The star and her spouse have reported the offender in a First Information Report (FIR). Srha was apparently intimidated and harassed by the perpetrator, but she was safe, according to the initial information report

Details indicate that the event happened on August 1st while Srha was shopping for groceries. The FIR was filed in response to Srha Asghar’s husband Umar Murtaza’s complaint. The information provided in the FIR indicates that Srha Asghar was returning from the market when this incident took place. The assailant pursued her to her residence

Srha Asghar wrote a post about it today in which she criticised media outlets for getting in touch with her to learn more about the terrible incident. She also vented her rage at the news outlets for airing all of the incident’s details. “Me and my husband are safe,” Srha declared. She also asked media outlets to avoid phoning her for interviews in order to increase their views

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