How Losing Family Changed Bushra Ansari’s Mindset


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Bushra Ansari is an industry veteran who has always captured the audience’s hearts. She is a writer, performer, and host who can bring the screen to life simply by being present. She was a guest on Life Green Hai, where she discussed her life, routine, and project choices.

She was discussing how her life had altered since losing her family. Bushra Ansari lost her sister Sumbul Iqbal during the Covid pandemic. It shocked both the family and their admirers. They had recently lost their nephew before losing their sister. Bushra Ansari’s mother died shortly after, and all of this loss has had a significant impact on her mental state.

Bushra Ansari shared that losing her sister and nephew made her realize that no material possessions really matters in this world. She does not care about properties or jewelry anymore. She also added that during Covid days, she was stuck in Canada and she used to wonder who would take care of all her possessions if she left this mortal world. She, therefore, sold her bungalow and bought a small flat so no one has to go through a lot of hassle when she goes.

This is what she shared:

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