How Nayyer Ejaz’s Life Changed After Losing His Mother


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Nayyer Ejaz is a senior actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and fans adore his playing style, the numerous characters he has played, and he is one of the few stars who remains relevant in both dramas and films. He is also an outspoken advocate for artists’ rights, and he expresses his thoughts with intelligence and sincerity.

Losing a parent is a difficult time in anyone’s life, and your life will never be the same again. Parents love you unconditionally, and you will almost certainly never have that love again if you lose them. Nayyer Ejaz went through a similar experience when he described how he lost his mother and how his life changed as a result. In an interview, Hassan Murad revealed that his mother was on the ventilator when she finally asked him to remove her mask. He had it removed and performed Ayahs for her, and she thereafter exited this world.

He explained that his mother used to give him duas before he left for work and that the day after his mother died, he couldn’t leave his house. He stood there for 50 minutes before getting into his automobile. He has felt the vacuum of his mother’s prayers since that day, and things have not been the same for him.

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