Husband of Tiktoker Sehar Hayat receives criticism for offering a personal vlog


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Tiktoker Sehar Hayat has a sizable fan base. People can follow her life story on various social media platforms where she is active. Sami Rasheed, a musician, and Sehar Hayat recently got married. After becoming Nikkahfied last year, the couple has now celebrated their wedding with family and close friends. To celebrate her wedding events, numerous other Tiktokers were also present, and the images were shared widely on social media

They held a banquet to conclude their wedding after Sehar’s week-long event. Sehar Hayat soon became ill and had to visit the hospital.

Sehar was reportedly not feeling well, and a photo of her from the hospital was widely circulated online, according to Sami Rasheed. Additionally, he asked his followers if they wanted to view a video of their wedding reception or one from the moment Sehar Hayat became ill after getting hitched

People are not too pleased with the question of whether to share a Vlog about something so private as falling sick. This is what internet users had to say when they commented on it

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