Hussain Tareen Celebrates Rabeeca Khan’s Birthday


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Young, well-known, and prosperous Pakistani social media influencer Rabeeca Khan. She has a sizable fan base across all social media channels. She has 1.8 million YouTube subscribers, over 8 million TikTok followers, and 5 million Instagram followers. She is the off-beat comedian Kashif Khan’s daughter from Pakistan. Famous Pakistani social media influencers and actress Nadia Hussain recently attended the spectacular 19th birthday celebration of the lovely Rebecca Khan.

A remarkable friendship exists between Hussain Tareen, a teenage social media influencer, and Rabeeca Khan. For a long time, they have both been the best of friends. Hussain Tareen makes it a point to be present for Rabeeca’s recent triumphs and celebrations. Hussain Tareen performed an outstanding job today by planning a lovely and exclusive birthday celebration for Rabeeca Khan. He posted an emotional Instagram video about her unique celebration. In addition to her birthday celebrations, Rabeeca Khan also celebrated gaining 5 million Instagram followers, which is yet another accomplishment.

Here is the link to the video:

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