I want to get married soon, Nawal Saeed


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Nawal Saeed, an actress from the showbiz industry, spoke openly about break-up and marriage in a recent interview and said that she wants to get married soon.

In an interview given to a private channel, in response to a question from the host, she said that the actress recites poetry in English when she is emotional, especially when her heart is broken.

On the question regarding getting out of the break-up and marriage of the host, the actress said without mentioning the name of the ex-boyfriend that she had made all the plans regarding the marriage and the life after that with this person but opened her eyes on the break-up. .

He further said that there is a bigger salve than time, everything gets better with time, but the importance of that person does not disappear because one spends time with him. Hostile thoughts come in the beginning, but when you stop caring, the feelings also fade away.

In response to another question, Nawal Saeed said that he wishes to get married, if he gets married soon then there is no problem, the marriage should be with a person who respects everyone and gives importance to others. , Lest they think only of themselves.

It should be remembered that speculations are being made on social media regarding the relationship of actress Nawal Saeed and actress Saba Faisal’s son and actor Arsalan Faisal and the two artists were also very active together on Instagram. Out with a girl named Neha.

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