Iqra Kanwal HD Wedding Photoshoot


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Iqra Kanwal is a stunning and accomplished Pakistani social media influencer who is now rising on social media as a result of her extravagant wedding. Social media is exploding with videos and photos from Iqra Kanwal’s wedding. The wedding of Iqra Kanwal began with a bridal shower, followed by Mayun, Mehndi, and Barat. Her wedding reception occurred today. Iqra Kanwal married Areeb Parvaiz in a magnificent wedding ceremony.

Iqra Kanwal’s stunning crimson gown was exquisitely adorned with dull gold embroidery. Hira Hania officially made the dress. Maha Khalid applied her cosmetics. She was wearing lovely Hanif Jewellers jewelry. Areeb Pervaiz wearing a stunning Republic by Omar Farooq ensemble. Adil Bajwa, a prominent Lahore-based photographer, shot the wedding images. Here are the breathtaking images from Iqra Kanwal’s lovely wedding photoshoot. Take a peek at the images:

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