Iqrar Ul Hassan Attacked In Gujranwala


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Iqrar Ul Hassan is one of Pakistan’s most well-known news anchors. He became famous for his expose show Sar e Aam, in which he exposed several mafias and crooks in the country, ranging from the food business to politics. Iqrar has been involved in multiple feuds during his career, and he has also been threatened and attacked by numerous individuals.

Iqrar ul Hassan recently engaged in a quarrel with Peer Haq Khateeb. He is a well-known individual, and many people visit him for spiritual reasons. His miraculous videos went popular on social media, prompting Iqrar to expose him, claiming that he had no abilities and that everything is a hoax. Both have since issued challenges to one other.

Yesterday, Iqrar ul Hassan’s car was allegedly assaulted in Gujranwala when he was driving to a university for a seminar. People apparently dispatched by Haq Khateeb damaged the car’s glass and threw acid at it. Iqrar ul Hassan has uploaded a video of the attack as well as his statement on the entire incident.

Here is what Iqrar said:

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