Iqrar Ul Hassan Opens Up About Three Marriages In Latest Interview


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Iqrar ul Hassan is a well-known and accomplished Pakistani television personality and crime reporter. He rose to notoriety with his popular program Sar E Aam. The broadcaster is also renowned for his numerous marriages and various issues. His first wife is Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar, and together they have a gorgeous kid named Pehlaj. Farah Iqrar is his second wife. He just disclosed his third marriage in a YouTube interview. Well, he married Uroosa Khan, a presenter and vlogger from Lahore.

Iqrar Ul Hassan claims to be blissfully married to three ladies, all of whom are stunningly attractive.

Iqrar Ul Hassan

Recently, he appeared on Nadir Ali’s podcast. Nadir Ali congratulated him on his three weddings and inquired about his subsequent nuptials. Iqrar Ul Hassan responded to all of his inquiries in detail.

When asked about his marriages, Iqrar Ul Hassan stated, “Well, Mufti Tariq Masood is correct about the religious aspect of multiple marriages, but I still do not want to glorify multiple marriages because this practice is considered negative in our society.” The dynamics of modern culture are extremely different; the idea of many weddings causes issues in families because men and women are not prepared to accept it. I don’t want to discourage people from getting married by mentioning my own. Also, it is only conceivable if the women you marry are empathic and kind, since if ladies choose to be wicked, you would be unable to live with several marriages.”

Talking about his most loved wife he said that Qurat Ul Ain is his most loved wife because of her loyalty and patience. He said that she supported him in all his decisions. He further said that Pehlaj is also a reason for his love for Qurat Ul Ain, but even before Pehlaj, their love was strong and it will remain the same forever.

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