Ishq Murshid Episode 21- Fans Love Promotion Of Sindhi Music


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Ishq Murshid has created a magical universe in which we feel linked to all of the characters and want to learn more about their journeys. Bilal Abbas Khan’s portrayal of Fazal Bakhsh is pivotal to the plot, and he is the driving force behind the drama’s success. However, the subtle subtleties of Sindhi culture and language in the drama have added to its beauty. We cannot grow more integrated as a country until we are exposed to each other’s cultures, languages, and traditions on national television. Ishq Murshid has successfully brought gorgeous Sindhi lakes, subtle modifications of Sindhi language terms, and a well-known Sindhi musician, Ali Gul Mallah, into the public.

Saif Samejo’s exquisite version of Saeed Imdad Hussaini’s poem Tuhinja Sapna was included in episode 21, set against the backdrop of Sukaina’s wedding ceremony. The director’s effort to include Urdu subtitles in the song allowed many more people to appreciate its beauty. Add a rugged-looking Fazal Bakhsh and an angelic Shibra, and we have magic.

Listen to the amazing Tuhinja Sapna by Saif Samejo, featuring your favorite Shibra and Fazal Bakhsh:

Here’s how people are reacting to this stunning addition:

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