Javed Akhtar has become India’s hero, he will not apologize at all: Faisal Qureshi

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Famous actor of Pakistan showbiz industry Faisal Qureshi says that Javed Akhtar has become a hero of India after making anti-Pakistan statement, so he will not apologize at all.

Faisal Qureshi was recently asked in a private TV show whether Javed Akhtar should apologize for his anti-Pakistan statement.

Answering this question, the actor said that Javed Akhtar will definitely not apologize for his statement because according to Quaid-e-Azam, Muslims in India will have to prove every time that they are loyal to their country.

He said that Muslims there will always have to prove their loyalty to India by doing similar things.

He further said that now Javed Akhtar has become a hero of India after making this anti-Pakistan statement, so why would he apologize?

It should be noted that the Saja Faiz Ahmed Faiz Festival in Lahore reached its end with all its colors, during which the national artists also entertained the guest Indian writer, poet and songwriter Javed Akhtar from the neighboring country.

But when Javed Akhtar’s anti-Pakistan statement became an adornment on social media, there was a stir, the same artist who was singing his songs a day ago, heard his anti-patriotic statement and took him with bare hands and strongly condemned this statement. Akhtar was reminded that he had come to Pakistan to serve art, not to do politics.

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