Javeria Saud Says Men Make Women Successful In Pakistan


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Javeria Saud is an actress, hostess, and writer. She is also a producer and has been responsible for some major productions. Javeria Saud is married to film actor Saud Qasmi, and the two form an excellent showbiz combination. She has also hosted several events and transmissions, as well as appearing in other live performances. She is successful, independent, and a formidable opponent.

Javeria Saud

Javeria is a successful lady who discussed the role of males in women’s achievement in Pakistan while appearing on Express TV. She stated that in our society, males in the family serve as stepping stones to a woman’s achievement. She stated that her father and brother were highly supportive of her work and helped shape who she is now.

She also credits Saud for her achievement. She said that Saud helped her achieve her true potential. He encouraged her to write, and she was able to write for dramas and follow many of her dreams.

Here’s what she said.

Javeria also shared examples from Hazrat Muhammad SAW’s life, such as how he helped Hazrat Khadijah RA, one of Makkah’s most successful businessmen, as well as Hazrat Ayesha RA and other ladies in his life. She stated that since the most religious among us never prevented women from working, then other males should stop as well.

This is what she said:

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