Journalist Naeem Hanif Details Umair Jaswal’s Call To Sania Mirza


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Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed’s wedding sent shockwaves around the internet. No one knew what was coming, nor did they know what had transpired in Shoaib and Sana’s past marriages prior to this declaration. However, the internet was taken aback, and everyone began to support Sania Mirza and Umair Jaswal, Shoaib’s exes at this moment.

Umair Jaswal has mainly been mute during this incident, but now his celebrity pals are applauding him for his grace, and journalist Naeem Hanif, Samaa’s bureau head in Lahore, is now providing some insider information.

According to Naeem Hanif, Umair Jaswal contacted Sania Mirza after everything had gone down. He expressed his emotions in all of this and listened to Sania. Umair has turned off his phone and is not replying to anyone right now, including journalists.

He further said that Shoaib Malik’s family was not supportive of his marriage to Sana. They also flew to Dubai to fix matters between him and Sania, but Shoaib did not listen to them, therefore it did not happen.

The journalist further said that Umair never intended to divorce Sana. He then received calls from some of Sana’s highly prominent friends who live in Rawalpindi, asking him to sign divorce papers. He finally accomplished it,

thus he is not saying anything right now.

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