Junaid Khan’s Opinion On Mathira And Rabi Pirzada


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Junaid Khan is a rock star turned actor. After being a popular lead vocalist for Call Band, he began acting in plays and films, and he now has a thriving acting career. Junaid Khan has worked on several fantastic projects, and his new work is always well-received on television.

Junaid Khan was a guest on Ahmed Ali Butt’s show, where he discussed current scandals as well as his colleagues. He spoke about Mathira and expressed appreciation for her. He described Mathira as a highly articulate and intellectual woman, and he praised her for raising her children and making such significant sacrifices for them.

Here is what Junaid said in respect to Mathira:

Rabi Pirzada has recently gained popularity for defending Adnan Siddiqui’s claim that women are houseflies. She stated that she has seen ladies leaping on stars, and they do resemble flies. Junaid stated that women may be like flies if they choose to be. They also have the right to show their love to someone if they want to.

This is what Junaid said:

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