Ken Doll Thinks Pakistani Singers Should Learn From Arijit Singh


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Ken Doll is a phenomenal Pakistani social media influencer with a massive international fan base. He currently resides in Dubai. The social media influencer started off as a hotel manager. Adnan Zafar is Ken’s real name, and he is from Faislabad. Fans adore his legendary comedy videos as well as his lovely and humorous attitude.

The Dubai-based Pakistani social media star recently revealed her experience attending Arijit Singh’s live concert. “Today I attended Arijit Singh’s concert in Dubai, and it was crowded,” he stated. First and foremost, his performance was fantastic; he sang nonstop for three to four hours. Second, he was just wearing a normal Adidas jumper, and whereas our singers in Pakistan are usually concerned with their appearance and brand, true stars understand that their performance speaks for them. “I fell in love with Arijit Singh today.” Here’s a link to the video Ken Doll shared:

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