Lessons Learnt By Faryal Mehmood From Her Marriage


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Faryal Mehmood is recognized for her amazing skill, strong enthusiasm for acting, and forthright ideas that she is not afraid to express. She has recently picked up several extremely great screenplays, and she has demonstrated her abilities with each assignment she has completed. The actress recently appeared in Wakhri and is not slowing down anytime soon.

Faryal Mehmood has been through a lot in recent years, including marriage and divorce. She embarked on a voyage of self-discovery, traveling the entire planet. Faryal was a guest on Maliha Rehman’s show and stated that she is discovering herself and would be able to settle soon, but this time she will do things differently. She also stated that if she had grown up as much as she has today, she would have handled her marriage differently. She also added that she might not have married Danyal Raheel then, and it was his mother who advised that the pair be married because it was the time of lockdowns and they wanted to see their children.

Here’s what she shared:

Faryal also mentioned how she was always on the go, with school and job keeping her occupied. Her ex-husband taught her to relax and take time for herself. So it is something she learned from Danyal.

Here’s what she said.

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