Madiha Rizvi & Her Husband Open Up About Marriage Details


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Madiha Rizvi is a renowned Pakistani television performer who recently made waves with a statement about her second marriage. Madiha Rizvi married Junaid Ali Perwaz in an intimate wedding ceremony that was attended by her family and close friends, including her kids.

Recently, the Parizaad actress went on Fuchsia Magazine’s YouTube program alongside her spouse, where she discussed her fears about marriage. Madiha also discussed her post-marriage goals and priorities. Her spouse also had reservations about marrying a divorced lady who is also a mother.

When asked about his fears about marriage, Madiha Rizvi’s spouse Junaid Ali Perwaz replied, “I never considered her age; it wasn’t a huge thing for me, but when it came to the kids, I was a little concerned because I had never been married before. It was tough for me to adjust to having already grown-up children, as I had spent my whole life as a single person. I had to alter my life to accommodate my life partner and children. He stated that everything went nicely for both of them, and they were able to marry quickly. Here’s a link to the video:

Madiha Rizvi also expressed her fears about marrying for the second time, especially with a younger man. When we were talking about it, she stated, “I was a bit concerned about him because he was my cousin, he was younger too and had never been into a marriage before, so, I was worried that he would marry me but would eventually run away in a short period” . Madiha Rizvi’s spouse stated that she was flexible towards him after witnessing his bond with her daughters. He went on to say, “when I developed a good camaraderie with her daughters, then she made up her mind about marriage”.

Here’s a link to the video:

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