Mahira Khan Reveals Her Wedding Outfit Details


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Mahira Khan is the largest superstar in the country. She began her career as a VJ before transitioning to acting with the film Bol and eventually became a sensation with Humsafar. Mahira has not looked back since, and she is well-known not just for her acting but also for her style and demeanor. It was a wonderful moment for Mahira Khan since she had recently married the love of her life, Salim Karim. The wedding was lovely, and everyone sent love and light to the actress. Mahira spoke with writer Aamna Haider Isani about her wedding appearance and provided several thoughts.

Mahira Khan

When asked about the viral wedding day snaps, Mahira confessed that she was unaware that wedding studios do these shootings prior to the Nikkah ceremony, but she did not want to participate. She informed them she wanted Salim to visit her once their Nikkah was over, and that is how it transpired. They later stole those viral clicks when the light went out.

Here is what she shared:

When asked about her Dua e Khair attire, Mahira stated that she liked it and plans to give it down to her daughter-in-law someday. She wore minimal makeup and kept things basic.

This is what she said:

She also added that everyone was overjoyed for her wedding, and she and her crew went to the CTC market to get some leftover yellow fabric, which they utilized to make yellow Mayoun joras. She used to wear a different yellow jora every day in the run-up to the wedding, and her friends would come over and have a good time.

Listen to the fun story:

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