Manzar Sehbai Samina Ahmed On Compatibility And Love


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Manzar Sehbai and Samina Ahmed are among the most popular couples in the business. Millions of people throughout the world adored and appreciated their late-life marriage and how they discovered love and camaraderie. They are two incredibly successful stars, and seeing them happy together delights their followers.

The pair were guests on Aamna Haider Isani’s show, where they discussed love, compatibility, and friendship. The two celebs stated that discussing compatibility while starting a relationship is pointless. Yes, you should check whether your attitudes match, but you won’t truly know if you’re compatible till you live together. Individual personalities emerge gradually over time.

Here is what they said:

The duo also discussed their personal conceptions of love. Samina Ahmed stated that when you feel completely at peace with someone and do not have to pretend in front of them, you are in love. In love, your partner’s happiness is important to you, and these are the elements that characterize love. Manzar Sehbai agreed with Samina Ahmed and developed his notion in his own way.

This is what he said:

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