Maria B Shares Charges Of International Models Vs. Pakistani Models


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Maria B is a bright, successful, and well-known Pakistani designer. She is well-known for her luxurious clothing. She has a high-end clothesline. Maria B is recognized for hiring top-tier national and international models for her company. All of Pakistan’s top stars and models like working with her. Maria B is not just a talented designer, but also a vocal and expressive person. She enjoys sharing her thoughts on social topics.

Maria B recently appeared on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast, which was recorded at her home. Maria B revealed important data regarding the fees charged by local and foreign models throughout the program.

Maria B commented on it, saying, “Internationally, models operate at lower or more accessible rates. Local models are quite pricey because this is a competitive profession for Pakistani models. There are very few girls in modeling because parents often do not allow their daughters to enter the fashion industry, which I understand. I understand that, except for a few outstanding photographers, this field is not very good. So, because of the restricted options, they demand a high price. Some stunning and internationally recognized Pakistani models also ask for a high price. Whereas international models charge per day, we may give them a hundred gowns to wear in a day, and they charge roughly $500 per day, which is not a lot of money. Pakistani Models

Here is the Link to the video:

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