Mehwish Hayat criticizes iTunes for calling Pakistani music ‘Indian Pop’

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Mehwish Hayat, a well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, has criticized iTunes for calling Pakistani Coke Studio as ‘Indian Pop’.

iTunes is a software program by Apple Inc. that works as a media player, media library, mobile device management utility and client app.

Mehwish Hayat shared some screenshots from iTunes on microblogging website Twitter.

He wrote in his tweet that ‘I just noticed that iTunes has classified Pakistani music as ‘Indian Pop’, ‘Asia’ or ‘World Wide’, meaning say anything but not Pakistani music. .

Mehwish Hayat also wrote that Coke Studio is the success of Pakistan and we deserve to be recognized for our success.

Mehwish Hayat is being praised by social media users for raising his voice on the issue

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