Mishi Khan Calls Pakistani Celebrities Act Shameful


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Mishi Khan is a fantastic Pakistani TV host and performer. Mishi Khan is currently the most vocal Pakistani star, with millions of fans because of her smart and opinionated nature. Mishi Khan is the only celebrity vocal about the Palestine problem. Mishi Khan recently called out top Pakistani celebs who traveled to the United Kingdom to attend the IPPA awards. She has also chastised the authorities and IPPA organizers for holding the award ceremony in the midst of the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Mishi Khan has released a video in which she calls out all of the celebs who will be attending the next award presentation. She stated that Pakistani celebrities should learn to decline invitations from television networks and award organizers. She went on to state that “no celebrity is poor enough to refuse to attend these award shows, they can say no”. She went on to say, “These awards aren’t even paid, all you get is a ticket to London or some other place, a few will get awards and nothing more than that”. Previously, she uploaded a story with the caption, “Shameful act of celebrities who are going to London for awards, they could have said ‘No’ ” Look at these stories:

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