Mishi Khan Has An Advice For Nutritionists Giving Expensive Ideas


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Mishi Khan is a beautiful and brilliant Pakistani presenter and former television star. Mishi has been doing her morning program on Khyber TV for almost eleven years. She came to eternal renown after making her first memorable and famous appearance in the hit drama series Uroosa. Mishi has also starred in Ajaib Gher, Boota From Toba Tek Singh, Saat Pardon Main, PNS Ghazi Shaheed, Sherdil Beyond The Skies, Samandar Hai Darmiyaan, Nanhi, Khala Khairan, and more films. She also appeared in Janaan, a feature film. She has an intelligent, assertive, and opinionated demeanor.

Mishi recently called out dietitians who are on television delivering helpful Ramadan health suggestions. Mishi Khan shared her message on Instagram, writing, “I was just listening to a couple of Ramadan transmissions where dietitians were offering people health suggestions. They were genuinely advising people on what to eat and what not to eat; what would be hazardous and what would not. I mean, how can they provide such advise on eating cereal and milk? With such inflation, how can a person afford cereal? People are barely surviving and maintaining their kitchens. Many individuals struggle to manage single meals; they live in large households of six or more. I’m not sure how they came up with such absurd

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