Mishi Khan Replies To Ayeza Khan For Not Posting On Gaza


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Gaza is on fire, and Israel is committing genocide in full view of the world. Like all genocides throughout history, superpowers and allies stand by and watch as small children are slaughtered in real-time. Celebrities from all around the world are now playing a part in raising awareness about the plight of innocent Palestinians, and many have stood on the right side of history. Bella Hadid, an American model with Palestinian ancestry, was recently dismissed because she was outspoken about the Gaza slaughter. Because Pakistan has traditionally supported Palestine as the state position, Pakistani celebrities have mostly avoided losing local contracts. Shadow bans are still in effect, but celebrities like Nadia Jamil and Ushna Shah are speaking out.

Ayeza finally revealed her perspective, saying that publishing is unnecessary and that she is paying for the children and innocent people of Gaza every day. Here’s what Ayeza said before deleting it:

Nauman Ijaz was another celebrity who believed that posting on social media was unnecessary and a kind of self-promotion, but many netizens disagreed with the actor.

Mishi Khan has finally expressed her thoughts on the matter. She has been extremely vocal on social media, claiming that what we are doing is praying secretly. If you have a platform, you should speak up for Palestine’s oppressed people. She stated that regardless of whether you lose some employment or not, expressing your voice is essential for everybody with a platform.

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