Mohammad Ahmed-Shamim Hilaly On Why Marriages Fail Nowadays


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Mohammad Ahmed and Shamim Hilaly have extensive industrial experience. They have both worked for many years and are well-known for their brains and excellent performances. Both performers have had happy marriages in real life, and they are now grandparents who are satisfied with their relationships. They just gave Fuchsia an interview in which they discussed the distinctions between modern marriages and those of the past.

Mohammad Ahmed discussed what has gone wrong with weddings nowadays. Divorce rates are quite high, and he claims that couples nowadays do not want to compromise on anything. They also do not allow each other time to comprehend and adjust. He also criticized the media for normalizing divorces, implying that you may divorce one day and marry someone else the next, which is not the case in reality. Recently, many Hollywood couples have divorced, and the tendency has been rising.

Here is what he said:

They also discussed the excellent things that are now happening in partnerships. According to Mohammad Ahmed, engaged couples now have the opportunity to meet and hang out, which helps them develop friendships. This has undoubtedly been a positive shift, and it is enhancing understanding between spouses.

This is what he said:

They also discussed the necessity of getting married. Both performers stated that individuals believe they do not need anybody in their lives and will always be youthful, but things change as they reach 45 and want to have a life companion. Here is what they recommended:

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