Momal Sheikh Shares Beautiful Family Pictures From Phuket Vacation


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Artist Momal Sheikh has a lot of talent. She comes from a distinguished acting family and began her career after getting married because her father and brother opposed her becoming an actress. Despite entering the profession later than other cousins, she demonstrated her mettle and has since amassed a number of hits. Momal Sheikh is not just a talented artist; she is also a devoted mother who adores her family dearly. She frequently spends time with her husband Nadir and her two adorable children

The family left for a holiday, and when they were spotted in Phuket, Thailand, they were having a terrific time. Momal looked stunning while travelling, and her children enjoyed themselves. Your heart will now desire for that summer getaway as she described some lovely moments the family experienced there. Here are some images of Momal Sheikh taken while she and her family were on vacation in Phuket

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