Mun Tv’s Ramadan Drama Tawakkal Highlights The True Spirit Of Holy Month


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Tawakkal, a ground-breaking Ramadan drama serial, premieres on MUN TV.

For the first time in Pakistani television history, MUN TV proudly offers Tawakkal, a Ramadan-themed drama series that goes deep into significant societal concerns while addressing themes of poverty, faith, and overcoming hardship.

Set against the backdrop of the holy month of Ramadan, Tawakkal transports viewers on an emotional journey as a family faces a variety of obstacles. The plot revolves on Nafeesa, played by the outstanding Farah Ali, a dedicated housewife forced to step up and care for her family after her husband, Salman (played by Atif Rathore), is cruelly handicapped in an accident.

As Nafeesa tries to deal with the difficulties of life, she receives an unexpected offer of assistance from Shakir, played by the talented Syed Qamar Raza. Shakir’s supposedly selfless exterior conceals a darker goal, as he wants to use Nafeesa’s weakness for personal benefit.

Throughout the drama, Nafeesa’s unshakeable trust in God acts as a beacon of light in the midst of darkness. Her dependence in the Almighty’s protection and mercy is not only a source of strength, but it also demonstrates the power of spirituality in the face of hardship.

Tawakkal airs every day throughout Ramadan at 7:25 PM, immediately following Iftari, and provides viewers with a thought-provoking discussion of faith, perseverance, and society’s harsh realities. The drama, with its intriguing plot and outstanding acting, exposes the dual nature of human existence throughout Ramadan when the impact of evil remains despite the devil’s purported captivity.

As spectators watch Tawakkal, they are asked to think on the spiritual implications of finding refuge in God’s protection, as well as confronting the sobering reality of societal wiles shown by characters such as Shakir. In a month when the devil is claimed to be imprisoned, Tawakkal serves as a sobering warning that the forces of evil continue to lurk in men’s hearts, ready to spread their darkness at any chance.

Don’t miss out on this enthralling drama that challenges perceptions and sparks debates about faith, morality, and the persistence of the human spirit. Tune up to Tawakkal on MUN TV during Ramadan for a voyage of contemplation and enlightenment.

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