Muneeb Butt’s Take On Youngsters Not Starting Families After Marriage


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Muneeb Butt is a very popular actor in the contemporary day, and he is married to another superstar, Aiman Khan. The couple married at a young age, and they now have two gorgeous kids. Muneeb just received his second child, and he is a highly present and devoted father to both of his daughters.

He was a guest on Fuchsia, where he discussed how young couples nowadays desire to take their time and do not start babies early in their marriages. Muneeb stated that he believes that everyone should think for themselves and would not impose his views on others. He also discussed how much pressure a woman feels if the couple does not have children right away.

Muneeb, on the other hand, believes that couples should consider having children since they deepen their relationship and may also serve as a glue between couples if they have minor disagreements. They do not contemplate separating quickly since they are concerned for their children. They acquire used to each other’s habits over time, and children have saved countless marriages.

Here is what he shared:

He also discussed how some people claim that being married has damaged their life. Muneeb stated that those folks are unaware that the connection of Nikkah is not to fault in that situation. Their spouse was not good for them, and this damaged their life. Nikkah is a really wonderful bond.

This is what Muneeb said:

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