Naeem Tahir Gets Emotional On Being Stopped From Meeting Dying Mother


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Naeem Tahir is a Pakistani legend. He’s an actor, columnist, and public speaker. He hails from a great dynasty of artists and has produced several hits that will be remembered for generations. His sons, Faran Tahir and Ali Tahir, are both accomplished actors who are carrying on the artistic tradition via their work.

Pakistani artists have faced several challenges during their life, and most of them have gone undocumented. Speaking on Wasi Shah’s Zabardast, Naeem Tahir shared his biggest regret in life and the sorrow he continues to feel now. He stated that he led the Arts Council in 1972, when it was taken over by the state. His mother became quite ill at the time and was transported overseas for surgery. She wanted to visit him because her condition had deteriorated, but he was told that if he attempted to leave Pakistan, an FIR would be filed against him. The guy who took over his position had received favors from him before blocking his trip.

Here is what he shared:

He also discussed the anguish his family experienced when his father-in-law, famed writer Imtiaz Ali Taj, was assassinated. This is yet another situation in which Pakistan has lost a well-known figure, and the scars remain deep. Faran Tahir described how he felt as a 7-year-old when he saw his grandma on the bed, his mother having fallen from despair, and wondering why someone would kill his lovely grandfather. Naeem explained that he had donated blood while in the hospital, but the storekeeper had left, and Taj Sahab was unable to obtain the necessary blood.

This is what they shared:

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