Nauman Ijaz Believes Pakistani Dramas Are Destroying Sanctity of Relationships


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Nauman Ijaz is a well-known Pakistani television actor who has delivered several outstanding performances in major Pakistani shows. Fans adored his flawless performances in popular dramas like as Mayi Ri, Parizaad, O Rangreza, Sang E Mah, Sang E Mar Mar, Mera Saeen, Dunk, Dar Si Jati Hai Sila, Raqeeb Se, and many more. Nauman Ijaz is a forthright and opinionated Pakistani personality who frequently expresses his concerns about societal issues and controversies. Aside from this, Nauman Ijaz is a wealthy businessman who owns the restaurant Larachi in Canada. Nauman Ijaz has three boys and a beautiful wife. His eldest son, Zaviyar, is now a famous actor.

A footage of the actor from the show “Meer Means Business” has recently gone viral, in which he discusses contemporary Pakistani television programs. Speaking about the dramas, the actor stated that they are ruining the integrity of partnerships. He also intended to outlaw such plays.

When asked about drama content, Nauman Ijaz stated, “If I were given control of the sensor board, I would prohibit all dramas because they are killing couples. The dramas make relationships seem bad. I am disappointed that the public seems unconcerned with such regressive and low-quality stuff. They do not denounce it. The dramatists portray every connection as bad. Every connection nowadays, whether between a sister, mother, father, brother, or daughter, is bad. These things are inextricably linked to our society; whether we are directly or indirectly influenced by such tragedies, they have an impact on us as a whole. The drama Nand recently gained popularity due to its portrayal of Nand as malevolent.

Here is the link to the video:

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