Navin Waqar Calls Pakistanis Judgmental


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Navin Waqar is a VJ, RJ, and actress. She rose to prominence with her character Sarah in Humsafar, becoming a household name alongside Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. Navin Waqar has had numerous ups and downs in her profession and life, and she went through a lot after marrying Azfar and eventually being divorced. There was a lot of debate on social media and elsewhere that she witnessed and experienced.

Navin spoke with Sidra Iqbal about numerous elements of her life. She stated that we as a culture tend to judge others. People like defaming others and disseminating false information after hearing only one side of a story. She has witnessed this, and it is sad.

Here’s what she said.

She also revealed what she learned from all of the trolling she experienced. She stated that the most important thing she learned was that you get to know your buddy better while you are going through difficulty. People who pretended to be your friends would run at the first hint of your demise and then profess to have been by your side the entire time.

Here’s what she said.

She also stated that because our profession is tiny, people notice when something is said about you, and she was aware of what many people were saying behind her back.

Listen to Navin’s thoughts:

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