Nazish Jahangir Blames Aurat March for Increased Divorce Rate


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Pakistani actor Nazish Jahangir is incredibly attractive and gifted. Nazish Jahangir made his television debut in 2017. Due to her stunning beauty and superior acting abilities, she has quickly gained popularity. She has appeared in a number of well-known dramas, including Kamzarf, Saraab, Berukhi, Ghammandi, Dil Tanha Tanha, and Kaheen Deep Jalay.

She recently made an appearance on Nadir Ali’s show where she discussed feminism among other topics. She asserts that she still holds to her prior belief that not all women who cry are being sincere. She then remarked that she would never forget the professor who killed himself after being accused of harassing a student. She continued by saying that she wished the offender had been punished since she could not forget Noor Muqadam’s innocent face. Nazish Jahangir said, “I am not an Orthodox feminist, I believe in equality, and I still say, ‘Not all crying women are Truthful,'” while speaking about it. Regardless of whether I am standing next to a man or a woman, I am doing it perfectly. I don’t think these Aurat Marches exist.

Such impoverished women would be sitting in villages cooking meals, not the women we are fighting for. Our league is fully aware of the protests you are organising on our behalf, and the number of Khulas (Ladies who file for divorce in court) has increased as a result of these marches. I’m not advocating being cruel to one another; in fact, our parents are the best examples of how to tolerate one another with love and patience. Nadir, many are increasingly divorcing within a month of marriage.

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