Nosheen Shah’s response to those criticizing Manal Khan’s height


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Nosheen Shah has come forward to support actress Manal Khan

Nausheen Shah gave a strong reply to those who criticized Manal Khan’s height and also instructed them to fear God.

A few days ago, Manal Khan shared photos with her sister Ayman Khan and her brother along with her spouse on the occasion of her brother’s wedding, then users made inappropriate comments on her.

In the pictures, Manal Khan and Ayman Khan can be seen as overweight due to the birth of children, on which users made inappropriate comments for them.

Both sisters had babies a few months ago and both have already reiterated their commitment to lose weight by 2024.

After the pictures were shared by Manal Khan, users criticized her overweight and wrote that the two sisters had turned into buffaloes, to which Nausheen Shah responded sharply to those who made such comments.

Nausheen Shah wrote to women criticizing Manal Khan’s size to fear God, the actress recently became a mother to a child.

She wrote that especially women should understand the difficulty of a woman, they should understand what difficulties a woman faces during childbirth.

Nausheen Shah wrote that a woman carries a child in her womb for 9 months and during this time many changes and difficulties come in her life and only she can understand such difficulties.

The actress wrote that Manal Khan has recently become a mother, so her size has changed, so don’t criticize her, as such negative criticism can have a bad effect on a woman’s health.

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