Noura Fatihi Claim I became an adult, I started fasting, I pray strictly


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Canadian-Moroccan-born Bollywood dancer and actress Noura Fatihi has revealed that she has been observing strict fasting since the age of 14, while she also prays.

A short video of Noora Fatihi is going viral on social media, which is her participation in a podcast a few days ago.

In a video that went viral on social media, Noora Fatihi, talking about Ramadan and fasting, revealed that she is committed to fasting and prayers.

He said that ever since she became an adult, i.e. from the age of 14, she has been observing Ramadan fasts with restrictions.

He said that fasting does not prevent any work, fasting is a work of responsibility, it is such a responsibility that can be performed along with other works.

According to the actress, fasting does not prevent any work, in the state of fasting, everyone can do all their work and jobs, she has been continuing all her engagements in the state of fasting.

When asked about prayer, she also disclosed that she has been performing prayer with restrictions.

He gave the example that prayer is like any person who meditates or does other exercises to calm himself down.

Noora Fatihi said that it is not that prayer and meditation are the same, prayer is unique, but prayer is the best means of spiritual peace and contact with God.

According to Dancer, a person who prays connects with his Lord, talks to Him, asks Him to fulfill all his needs, and attains spiritual peace.

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