Patient Reveals The Reality Of Dr Affan Qaiser


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Dr. Affan Qaiser is a bright Pakistani doctor who is well-known for his health awareness films and inspirational lectures. The doctor also tackles a variety of societal concerns and inappropriate cultural habits. He has just started performing podcasts on his YouTube channel, which have become popular as well. His wife, Nazish, is also a great oncologist. Dr. Affan Qaiser has a high reputation as a doctor.

Recently, a video about Dr. Affan Qaiser has gone viral on Facebook. In the video, a District Vehari patient reveals Dr. Affan Qaiser’s reality after visiting him for a consultation.

Speaking of Dr. Affan Qaiser, the patient stated, “I came to Dr. Affan for a check-up from district Vehari. Soon after we arrived at his hospital, the doctor’s staff advised that we undergo tests and an ultrasound. We did not see Dr. Affan and they charged us a high sum of ten thousand rupees. When Dr. Affan Qaiser arrived, he enquired about the situation and informed me that he already had a patient under anesthesia and was in a rush. Not only that, but he summoned his guards and threw us out of the hospital. Dr. Affan, I’m talking to you; you’ve become a saint and a very modest guy on Facebook, but this is your reality.”

Look at the video that was shared.

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