Poet Anwar Masood Lovingly Remembers His Late Wife


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Anwar Masood has been one of Pakistan’s most well-known and beloved poets for two generations. His literary works and Punjabi poetry have earned him a household name, and people of all ages like his ability to incorporate truth about society with comedy. He was recently awarded Hilal e Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan, and his brilliance has been recognized at the highest level.

Anwar Masood was a guest on Hafiz Ahmed’s show, and he talked about his late wife fondly. He stated that his wife, like him, was a Persian professor who had a tremendous passion for the Holy Quran and continued to teach it till her death. He said that theirs was a love marriage, and their families agreed because the fit was so amazing.

Anwar Sahab claimed that after his wife died, he penned a sonnet for her, which is now widely used. Here’s the verse.

This is what Anwar Masood revealed about their love story:

He then spoke another poem he penned for his late wife. He added that his wife enjoyed imparting Quranic knowledge and did so until the end of her life. She died in Ramadan while fasting. He also said that she had a strong knowledge of poetry and would listen to his poems.

Here is what he shared:

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