Rabya Kulsoom Opens Up About Wahaj Ali’s Role Behind Her Performance As Neelo


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People fell in love with a brand-new combination and a terrific OST when Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha first came out. It also had a fantastic cast. Before the tale was ruined by the drama’s sorrow and dragging, it became an instant smash. But Rabya Kulsoom is one actor who has wowed everyone with her depiction of Neelo. Since the last few episodes, Neelo, Saad’s caring and strong sister, has received a lot of praise for her ability to call a spade what it is.

A few episodes ago, Neelo and Saad’s father passed away. The grief and rage Rabya, who plays Neelo, displays towards Hania, who plays Maheer, was a hugely popular scene, and everyone was raving about how excellent Rabya Kulsoom was in that scene. Another thing that was liked was the sibling chemistry.

When Rabya appeared as a guest on Pyar, Zindagi Aur Karachi on Fuchsia, she disclosed that Wahaj Ali played a significant part in creating the scene’s appealing visuals. He asked her if she had more energy and gave her some guidance when they previously performed the scenario, she recalled. She first didn’t want to do it again, but out of respect for Wahaj, she did, and the outcome was fantastic.

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