Reema Khan Shares Heartwarming Pictures From Khana Kaaba


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Reema Khan is a well-known and skilled former Pakistani cinema actress, model, and director. The talented actor was once Pakistan’s leading cinema heroine. Aside from this, she directed the popular film Koi Tuj Sa Kahan. Reema Khan has appeared in over 200 films, the majority of which were successes. In 2019, she earned the Pride of Performance Award for her services to Pakistani film. Reema quit the industry immediately after marrying the outstanding surgeon Dr. Tariq Shahab. Reema has a gorgeous boy and is living a happy life after marriage.

Reema Khan enjoys religious occasions and activities, such as performing Umrah. She has visited Saudi Arabia many times, undertaking Umrah in 2022 and 2023. The great actress returned to Makkah this year to undertake Umrah. She has just released photos from the Khana Kaaba. Reema posed for photos in front of the Khana Kaaba and other historical sites as well. She prayed for the Muslim Ummah as well. Reema expressed gratitude for being in Makkah. Take a look at all her photos from Makkah.

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