Saba Faisal Opens Up On Playing Mother To Old Actors


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Saba Faisal got her start in the profession as a PTV announcer. She has been in the media for decades and is a celebrity who understands how to reinvent herself. Saba Faisal began acting approximately two decades ago when she abandoned news reading and hasn’t looked back since. She first believed that acting was not a legitimate vocation, but when she began to act herself, she gained a deeper understanding of it.

Saba is currently among the top stars in the drama industry. She has also appeared in films and accomplished all of her roles admirably. She’s been positive, negative, and gray. Saba Faisal primarily portrays moms and mothers-in-law, and she offered an unusual experience about portraying a mother to elderly actors during an interview on The Ayaz Samoo Show.

She revealed that she was originally approached to portray the role of mother to Humayun Saeed, who is not much older than her, roughly 22 years ago. She embarked on the role and is now comfortable portraying Humayun Saeed’s mother. She added that Nauman Ijaz is the oldest actor she has portrayed the mother, and she thought it was funny. She is, however, comfortable with any character as long as it is decent.

Here’s what she had to say about playing mother to older actors:

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