Saba Hameed Thought She Had a Fair Complexion


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Saba Hameed is a great actress and filmmaker. She is creative and intelligent. She has always had strong ideas and is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Saba is also politically conscious, and she has always recognized the value of democracy in the country, culture, and all other areas. She spoke with Iffat Omar in a recent interview and provided many details about her career from when she first started to today.

When discussing the Zia era, she stated that ladies were given an overnight command to wear a dupatta on their heads on television. She was filming for a project at the time, which was halfway completed. Saba Hameed refused to comply with the directive, telling the director that adding a dupatta now would look weird and go against the character’s request. The play was never broadcast again, and she stopped performing until there was a compulsion on actresses.

Here is what she said:

Saba was also questioned if she had encountered discrimination because of her dark color. She explained that she grew up believing she had a fair complexion and was unaware that prejudice might exist for her. She never had to go through that, but she subsequently observed other ladies who were rejected because they did not have a light complexion.

This is what she revealed:

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