Sabina Farooq reacts to threats to ‘Hiya’ of ‘Tere Bin’


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Sabina Farooq, an emerging actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, is receiving threats for her role of Haya in the drama serial ‘Tere Bin’.

It is said that if an actor plays a negative role and the audience hates him, that is the success of that character, this is what happened with the character of ‘Hiya’ as the villain of Jeev’s blockbuster drama serial ‘Tere Bin’. Also, which is well handled by Pakistani actress Sabina Farooq.

Sharing an Insta Story on photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Sabina Farooq made a shocking revelation and referred to the hate messages she has been receiving threats.

“I was enjoying your memes and jokes about my character in the drama Tere Bin till now, but there is a limit to everything,” she wrote in her Insta story.

“Now you are putting fake and vulgar content on YouTube and threatening me, which is disturbing for me and my family. Haya is just a character, but some people don’t differentiate between a character and an actor,” he said. Patta, I request such people not to take out their anger on me and I curse those who make money from fake YouTube videos’.

“If I’m that bad, stop following me and don’t watch Haya’s characters in the drama, but if I’m threatened any more, I’ll delete all their names and their YouTube channels,” he warned such people. I will show it to everyone and post it.

Note that Sabina Farooq is playing the role of Haya in the drama serial Tere Bin, who is the cousin of Murtsam (Wahaj Ali) and is in love with him, but Murtsam gets married to Mirab (Yamna Zaidi). Hiya is jealous of one sided love and does not shy away from using black magic to separate them.

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