Sadaf Kanwal should not act, Sunita Marshall

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Sunita Marshall, a well-known model and actress of Pakistan showbiz industry, said during her recent interview that Sadaf Kanwal should not act while Alize Shah should focus on acting more than social media.

While appearing as a guest on a private TV game show regarding the Pakistan Super League (PSL), Sunita Marshall had an interesting conversation about her fellow artistes and her career.

Answering a question from the host during the game show, ‘Among Mehwish Hayat, Manal Khan and Alizee Shah, which actress should focus more on work than social media?’, Sunita Marshall said, ‘I think Alizey Shah You should focus more on your work than on social media.

In response to another question, the actress said that Sadaf Kanwal should not act.

In response to another question, she said that she does not do lead roles because she is not offered lead roles, while on a question about leaving modeling to act, she said that she chose acting. Because it has more popularity.

Sunita Marshall’s dramas Khuda Aur Mohabbate 3, Panjra and Olad were well liked by the audience while her performance in Meera Sain was well appreciated.

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