Sadia Imam’s claim to talk to giants, sit together and watch TV


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Pakistani famous senior actress Sadia Imam has claimed that she not only talks to giants but also sits with them and watches TV.

Actress Sadia Imam recently appeared as a guest on a private TV morning show. During the show, Sadia Imam and other guests of the show also talked about their experiences related to giants. Actress Sadia Imam said that the existence of giants is a reality, they are found around us and they also communicate with us, denying giants is like not believing in reality.

The actress informed the viewers about her experiences during the show and said that she once went to the United Arab Emirates for shooting, during which giants attacked her early in the morning. She was sleeping when suddenly someone attacked her. Hold the legs.

They say that in this terrible situation, I resorted to Quranic verses, recited Quranic verses, and blew, after which my legs were freed, but all the lights in the room started shaking and the glass of the room also broke. Sadia Imam said that at the same time, I received a call from my mentor, who inquired about my well-being.

During the show, Sadia Imam said that I was quite brave since childhood, my parents never taught me to be afraid of giants, but they used to advise me to take care of these creatures. Talking about her experiences, Sadia Imam claimed that she talks to the jinn in her house, when I am sitting in the living room, the sounds of dishes come from the kitchen, and she loudly tells the jinn to use the kitchen. It is not prohibited but not to dirty it and take care of cleanliness.

He said that often when I wake up early in the morning, I see dirt in the kitchen. When I asked the employee, I got the answer that we had not made tea. You should ask those you talk to. Sadia Imam claimed that many times when I am watching TV, someone comes to me and I invite them to sit with me and watch TV serials. The actor also says that because I talks to giants, some people call me crazy.

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