Sadia Imam’s Positive Attitude Towards Motherhood


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Sadia Imam is an extremely well-known name in Pakistani entertainment. She dominated the drama industry in the early 2000s, and her shows were the most popular. She is quite down to earth, and she has maintained her celebrity status throughout the years. Sadia Imam is now seen on live broadcasts and has hosted her own morning shows and live transmissions. She has been away from dramas for quite some time, and she explained why.

Sadia was a guest on Express TV, where she explained why she is no longer acting in plays. She stated that parenthood has changed her priorities. She cannot make time for dramas anymore, and her entire concentration and focus is constantly on her kid because she does not want her daughter to complain when she grows up that her mother did not give her enough time.

This is her reason:

She also became upset when explaining why she named her baby Meerab. She mentioned that she feels spiritually connected to Hazrat Abbas Ghazi RA and planned to name her kid after him if he was a boy, but since she had a daughter, she called her Meerab.

The reason behind Meerab’s name:

Sadia Imam also discussed the responsibility of parents. She stated that she does not have a Masters or PhD degree, but she does have manners, which she as a parent has sought to instill in her daughter.

Listen to Sadia’s thoughts:

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